Nest Box 2

This box is on the front of the house – a north facing wall tucked up under the eaves.  On 7th April we noticed some interest in the box so turned on the camera to find:

..the start of a nest.  This blue tit has been very busy as in just 3 days the nest is nearly finished!  She is now bringing in feathers and some fleece.  She also fought of a trespasser yesterday.  This box has been empty since we put it up 3 years ago, it is a “side ways” design with the entrance hole at the top right-hand side of the picture.  Unfortunately some grass is in front of the camera lens at the moment, I am hoping this will move over time. Here she is today.

10 April nb2

The Birds are Back!

Wow! over a year since my last post – lots to catch up on, but first the main news is that both of our nest boxes have occupants.

Nest box 1 is in the back garden and has been taken by a pair of great tits.  Nest building started on 20th March with the first egg being laid on 3rd April.  We now have a clutch of 7 with no new egg this morning so I think incubation will start in earnest – how exciting!

… and nest box 2?  This was the box on 30 March

nest box 2

quite empty but lots has been happening in the last few days I’ll pop back later with an update

All Those Ends!

I Love stripey blankets but …

…just look at all those ends. When I start a new project I always resolve to weave them in as I go, but it never happens. So now I have to weave all these ends in before adding the border. Just a note – I shortened the original pattern – so I now have plenty of left overs for my next project – the Seaside stash buster.

Snowy Weekend

What a change from sunny Friday! Spending the time indoors catching up on some jobs. The crochet basket is done for now. It needs another 6 t-shirts to get to the height I want. Meanwhile I am using it to store some scrap cotton fabric.

We had some new visitors to the garden today – 3 field fares came and perched on the tree at the bottom of the garden. We have had no interest in the nest box so far this year but it is early days yet, last year great tits nested in May. We also get blue tits, long tailed tits and coal tits visiting the feeders so fingers crossed.

I’m just off now – going to sort through my stash for spare yarn for the seaside stash busting blanket.

Sunny Sussex

Hi, It was such a lovely Friday afternoon that I just had to take the t-shirt yarn project outside to work on.  You can see my progress …

So far I have used 6 t-shirts and only have 3 more available to re-purpose.  I don’t want to buy the yarn as that will defeat the purpose so this project will then have to join the many works in progress.  I don’t think I want to add any of my husbands old black or greys to it – they will have to become something else.

You can see we still have the winter cover on the table – it will stay for now as sleet or snow is forecast for the weekend.  Although living here usually means it misses us.

Talking of WIPs I came across Coastal Crochet

Worth a look if you like to crochet.  Eleonora has a Seaside Stash Busting Cal on the go – only 4 rows a week so I think I’ll be joining in as my stash definitely needs busting!  At the moment it takes up the equivalent space of a large double wardrobe.  This weekend I plan to make significant headway on at least one project and will return later to add to the about page.

Before I go a quick note about patterns – I don’t do my own yet so will be introducing a page with links to all the designers and their patterns that I use (or have on my wish list)


I have had some old t-shirts and pyjama tops for a while so today I had a bit of a sort out and gathered a pile together. I have plenty of dusters and cleaning cloths so I thought i would try something new. I still have some of the pile to deal with but have gone from the above to this…….

The fabric will be added to my quilting stash and the yarn is going to make a basket. I was disappointed that the pink and cream did not curl up nicely so am using them for the base. I’ll be back tomorrow to show you my progress.

Day 2 and a work in progress.

I am following an email blogging course which over the next 2 weeks will give me a task a day to help me learn to be a blogger.  Today’s task was to update my title.  Well I did that yesterday – I added some exclamation marks.  So today instead I started my “about” page.  I’ll be adding to it over the next few days.

Just time to show you what is on my hook at the moment (well on one of my hooks).


It is the Spice of Life CAL from Cherry Heart Designs in the Autumn colours and helps keep my knees warm in the evening.


me (2)

Welcome to my blog – Birds! Beads! and Blankets!

I am Sue – recently retired from a job in local government.  I live in West Sussex, just a stone’s throw from the sea, with my husband Ron.

I love crafting – lampwork (the beads) and knitting and crochet (the blankets). This blog is my way of documenting and sharing my ideas and works in progress. Who knows now that I am retired I might even get to finish some things!

The birds?  well they will appear now and then especially if the nest box is occupied again this year. As will my thoughts on anything that takes my fancy from making beeswax wrapds and reducing plastic waste to the book I am reading at the moment.

So stick with me if any of the the above appeal to you too, I’ll be back – I promise.