The Birds are Back!

Wow! over a year since my last post – lots to catch up on, but first the main news is that both of our nest boxes have occupants.

Nest box 1 is in the back garden and has been taken by a pair of great tits.  Nest building started on 20th March with the first egg being laid on 3rd April.  We now have a clutch of 7 with no new egg this morning so I think incubation will start in earnest – how exciting!

… and nest box 2?  This was the box on 30 March

nest box 2

quite empty but lots has been happening in the last few days I’ll pop back later with an update

Snowy Weekend

What a change from sunny Friday! Spending the time indoors catching up on some jobs. The crochet basket is done for now. It needs another 6 t-shirts to get to the height I want. Meanwhile I am using it to store some scrap cotton fabric.

We had some new visitors to the garden today – 3 field fares came and perched on the tree at the bottom of the garden. We have had no interest in the nest box so far this year but it is early days yet, last year great tits nested in May. We also get blue tits, long tailed tits and coal tits visiting the feeders so fingers crossed.

I’m just off now – going to sort through my stash for spare yarn for the seaside stash busting blanket.