Nest Box 2

This box is on the front of the house – a north facing wall tucked up under the eaves.  On 7th April we noticed some interest in the box so turned on the camera to find:

..the start of a nest.  This blue tit has been very busy as in just 3 days the nest is nearly finished!  She is now bringing in feathers and some fleece.  She also fought of a trespasser yesterday.  This box has been empty since we put it up 3 years ago, it is a “side ways” design with the entrance hole at the top right-hand side of the picture.  Unfortunately some grass is in front of the camera lens at the moment, I am hoping this will move over time. Here she is today.

10 April nb2

The Birds are Back!

Wow! over a year since my last post – lots to catch up on, but first the main news is that both of our nest boxes have occupants.

Nest box 1 is in the back garden and has been taken by a pair of great tits.  Nest building started on 20th March with the first egg being laid on 3rd April.  We now have a clutch of 7 with no new egg this morning so I think incubation will start in earnest – how exciting!

… and nest box 2?  This was the box on 30 March

nest box 2

quite empty but lots has been happening in the last few days I’ll pop back later with an update